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Department of Transportation:

Its mission is to “Serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future.

Per source

I’d like to address its purpose, via the source aforementioned. I have been debating this topic on behalf of my utter annoyance on my states current management of road condition, traffic, and maintenance. I cannot stand it, quite simply. It has become a bi***; an utter nuisance, at the absolute same time of day, throughout a work-week. 

  1. Expediency
  1. Road conditions are entirely less safer to travel on. And considering its relativity to my vehicle, and therefore, my person, it is not a safe travel.
  2. The Project Charter in which the government has laid out for roads to be conceived, and the Scope Statement that has accepted the task at hand, is at a severe disconnect from the needs and will of the people. This is evident, given that the inconvenience of road-work seems to, inherently, burden the drivers. 
  3. Re-routes always pose a problem; they will always lead you down a road that EVERYONE ELSE is also taking. At the most inconvenient of times, we are left with an unexpected excuse for our appointments. These re-routes will also lead to uncoordinated vehicular accidents, causing a headache to the rest of the road
  4. Lastly, none of this is accommodating to anyone. This is all a central plan, that the average individual has no say within.
  1. Safety and Efficiency
  1. On base, there used to be a straight entrance directly into the building wherein we all enter. This was quick, efficient, and quite simply beneficial. Later on, they nixed the idea, should a crazed terrorist hijack a vehicle and drive into the building! Now, there are many-a twist and turns, stop signs, traffic lights, et al, to ensure there is no straight shot. Which has now caused us all to have to leave a half hour to an hour earlier.
  1. Convenience

Why was this necessary to bring up? Perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps, it’ll make you think about the way you drive home after work. 

Perhaps, the free-market can conjure a better plan, to give us more freedom as to how we travel, in relation to speed and efficiency. I’d rather the latter option.

This is to further reiterate the resounding libertarian thought that government can, in fact, do nothing properly.

Wits end, I tell you. Wits end.


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