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The Precursor To War Theory:

Tensions are rising with Iran and the American people. Situations are becoming far too convenient, when they are put together. Rights, sheathed in laws, are skewed then removed, and new rights are defined by our government; the identity of the individual is dwindling.

What’s more, the war in Iraq has ended (supposedly). It is a very, very curious case; ‘tis the end of a fruitless war that our President deems victorious.

The curiousness? The war ends, NDAA (Nation Defense Authorization Act) is brought up, the President threatens to veto, NDAA passes, it’s brought up again (due to opposition), the President changes his mind, NDAA passes. 

A tweet I glanced over the other day read, “I think Obama ended the War in Iraq, to wage war on the American people.” I can’t help but think that this is all just a precursor to something bigger;  while the MSM and our President attempt to pull a blanket over each our heads.

Curiouser and curiouser.

—Thought of, by Elle.

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